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Sam Shine Foundation

Local Research

Winter 2018/2019

Determining which species of native birds use the feeders and which seeds are preferred by each species. Feeder seeds are grown on SSF properties each year. 

Bluebirds appear to prefer sorghum seeds mixed with mealworms.

Golden finch and chickadees appear to prefer gray stripe sunflower seed mixed with mealworms

Woodpeckers prefer grey stripe sunflower seeds. Bluebirds demonstrated a greater interest in larger seeds (sunflower) compared to smaller seeds (sorghum) during early spring. 

Preliminary Findings

Grey stripe sunflower seeds were consumed most by during nest building and early egg laying season. 

Small seed varieties, mostly sorghum and millet, were preferred by overwintering birds.

Overall, 10 different bird species used the feeders between November 2018 - May 2019.